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Each of our members is an integral part of the development of our website. The administrators of the website share information with you and the public through the use of posts that show up on the front page.

You also have the ability to share information through posts.

On your profile page. The third menu button is “Blog”. That’s where you write and read posts that are tagged for you to see.

When you write a post you can make it accessible to everyone, including guests, just logged in users, people you have designated as “My Friends” or you can make it visible only to you.

To add a blog post click “Blog” in the menu on your profile page. Next click on “New Blog Post” in the middle of the page. That takes you to your blog entry page.

Add a descriptive title and the body of your blog posts. Below the body is a place to add an image with the “Browse” button. Click Browse and select a picture from your computer.

Next, select the privacy settings you’d like to apply to your blog post. The list is on the “Content Privacy” section and you select them with a radio button.

Note: photos are extremely important to blog posts. You will have a lot more people read your blog posts if you include a related photograph. Also, if you share your blog posts on Facebook, it will get a lot more attention with a photo.

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