Houmas House Plantation Drive, Darrow LA

Our club drive and luncheon at the Houmas House Plantation in Darrow LA, was well attended and enjoyable. We had approximately 24 riders and 12 cars that ended up meeting at the Tiger Truck Stop, because the Iberville Visitors Center’s parking lot was full of tents and people having some kind of special event that day.

After gathering together, we left traveling approximately 30 miles, to a draw bridge we had to cross to reach the ferry we were going to use to cross the Mississippi River. The bridge was open with a road sign stating that it would be staying open for another 2 hours, so we all turned around and drove back across the Mississippi River bridge to Baton Rouge and got on River Road where we arrived at Houmas House, right on time for our lunch reservations.

We dinned in their Café Burnside restaurant and the food was very good all the way around. We had a choice of a very well appointed Cajun buffet or the chance to order off the menu. Everyone enjoyed their lunch and the time they had fellowshipping with one another.

After lunch and some strolls through the gardens, the girls made their way to the gift shop where some Christmas presents were purchased. Following this everyone went their own ways home.

Thanks go out to Joe for planning and leading this ride.

Scott Cannon

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