Miata Won’t Start

Beautiful day today, like many recently and several more predicted for the week. Went to start the Miata and nothing happens, so I got out my Code Reader and here’s what it showed:  P Oh Oh! Oh Oh!

Looked it up and it says my Miata wants a DIVORCE unless certain conditions are met within 24 hours.  

  1. No more hanging out with the Subaru
  2.  No more Kayaking
  3.  Wash and wax at least every 2 weeks
  4.  Use the Stimulus $$ if it ever gets here to do major upgrades
  5.  Driving with the top down at least 25 miles one way each day
  6.   Well, the list goes on and on, but let this be a reminder that these are very special little vehicles that require special attention.

While washing the Miata I tried to explain the Covid 19 thing to the Miata, but all I got was strange looks from my neighbors. I guess they never talk to their cars  🙂

Joe Bourg


5 Responses to “Miata Won’t Start

  • 😂 I was just telling Dona, we need to take a ride before all the best top down weather is gone.

  • CharlieMarquette
    3 years ago

    Mine wouldn’t start either. Charged battery and installed a battery tender. We’ve been doing yard and house maintenance that was long overdue.

    I hear my car calling me the last couple of days, “IT’S TIME TO TAKE A RIDE, ANYWHERE.”

    Our daughter-in-law sent a message yesterday with pictures yesterday. They took a ride as far as they could go and come back in a day. They went to Oak Mountain Park near Pelham, AL where we often stay when we go to Barber. 🙁

  • Marvin Gagnard
    3 years ago

    Sorry Joe! Push Start will not work. “Been There”

  • Joe Bourg
    3 years ago

    Took her out for a few rides….it still wasn’t happy. Something about the love bugs messing with her smile .

  • Joe Bourg
    3 years ago

    How do I remove this April Fools blog?

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