Tutorial for the Public Photo Album Page

We now have a Photo Album Page where you can add your photos all in one place. Here’s how it works!

  • Login to the website under the menu item “Membership”.
  • Right below “Login” there is a menu item labeled “Membership”. Click on “Membership”.
  • On the membership page. There are three links directly above the profiles of all the members. Those links are “Members”, “Discussions” and “Photos”. Click on “Photos”.
  • You can now add photos to any of the albums that you see. Just click on the album and then click “Add Photo”.
  • You can also create your own new album by clicking on the button that says “Create New Album”.
    • You will then add a title and description and select if you would like the photos available to the public or just the group.
    • Once your new album is created you will add photos to it by clicking “Add a Photo”. It will ask you to select a photo from your computer.
    • Once you selected the photo, click “Download Photo” and wait for it to download.
    • A dialog box will open for you to add a description of the photo.
    • Repeat the process to add more photos to your photo album.
Scott Cannon

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