Welcome to Our New Website

Our new website is loaded with fun, useful features. We have a calendar of events, a forum to discuss topics that you are interested in, a photo gallery for pictures from our events and a members only area where you can look up contact information of other members and communicate directly with them.

Hope you enjoy our new site!

Scott Cannon

5 Responses to “Welcome to Our New Website

  • Joe Bourg
    1 year ago

    Looking good.

  • TomStith
    1 year ago

    This is slick, anxious to spend some time “exploring”.

  • GlennEllender
    1 year ago

    Still trying to figure out how to add pictures to my profile

    • Ben Mathews
      1 year ago

      Hi, Glenn! On your profile page click on the big image of the road and trees. On the box that pops up click “Change cover image”. That lets you browse your computer for your photo. To change the round profile photo, do the same thing… just click on the round photo.

  • Glenn Ellender
    1 year ago

    Thanks Ben…… my problem was trying to do it on my phone….. works much better on my Chrome Book

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